Talking Heads

The talking heads are annoying me.

With the start of a new year you dare not tune into CNBC, Bloomberg, BNN, or any business news with out bearing the full brunt of some "brilliant" prognostication.

Everyone is asked what's going to happen in 2010. Where's the S & P, the DOW, crude oil, natural gas, gold, pork bellies, etc going in the new year.

The astonishing thing is they all have an answer. The interviewer loves this part, the part where they get an answer. It makes them feel powerful. The interviewer I mean, not the prognosticator. Most of the prognosticators have been around the block once or twice.

They all know that their prediction is a load of crap.

They also know that they have to deliver this load when asked.


Because they are all salesmen. They need us to buy what they're selling.

We don't want to buy if the answer, to what's the DOW going to do in 2010, is I dunno.

We don't like, I dunno.

But it's the truth.

Some people can't handle the truth.


EIT said...

now now sol - language !

would a load of nonsense not have been better.....

Solfest said...


Shouldn't you be out digging peat?

I hear its cold over there.