Sign of Life

The barrel count woke up the crude oil market today and I took a couple of trades. Hopefully we see the daily ATR increase.

2 Minute Crude Oil Chart


Solfest said...

Haven't posted a chart since the new blogger format came out. It seems you have to click on the chart to see its real size.

That's annoying.

If anyone knows how to get around that let me know.

Jules said...

It's worse when you have to save file then view. Happens sometimes. I was waiting all day to sell crude. No, I've wanted to sell it since last week. Then came the data that totally ruined my plan (I hate huge candles)...I should have just thrown rules out of the window and jumped in.
I've been wanting to ask you this for the longest time: what did you do to turn your bars blue?
Did you get your Dell? :-)

Solfest said...

I traded with the new comp today. Works well.

Turning the bars blue?

If you mean how do you do that in Sierra here is a link.



And if you are like me and wish to avoid reading all that crap you ask the EIT (Exceptional Irish Trader) how he did it.

In order to do that you would have to enter his trading room and, you know, actually talk to other people. :)

Jules said...

ahh...trading rooms...just my favorite haunt. LOL!

I can't communicate with normal people.

Says a lot about you and UF aka Long & Wrong, doesn't it? :-D

Jules said...

You're right, I take a look at the Sierra links, and I wanna throw up.

Maybe I'll see you in your room :-)

Anonymous said...

Jules wrote...

I can't communicate with normal people

Says a lot about you and UF aka Long & Wrong, doesn't it? :-D

...It says we are supranormal and definitely not abnormal ;-)