I have nothing further to say

So read this.


Anonymous said...

Shakespeare said the same thing in Macbeth about human nature, and then Einstein repeated it in a slightly different way and we have abused that cliché forever.....

".....only two things are infinite..."

The ratio of those that get it versus those that don't will remain the same, forever.

Solfest said...

I guess the question is, can people change?

My guess.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping to find you in a better mood and so better able to withstand the disappointment of not being able to sign this...


Only 100k signatures needed and it will be debated in parliament. Isn't democracy great?

Solfest said...

I'm sorry I'm in a bad mood. No trades does that to me.

First question is, did she die?

As for her funeral, let her estate cover it, who cares, not her, not you, and not me.

Her legacy of keeping you out of the Euro is enough for you to be thankful for.

You can just remember that as you "anticipate" her funeral?