To bad they missed the part where the cat picks the kid up by the back of the neck and carries him to his crib.


Anonymous said...

Babies and cats! Aaah!

Too much cloying, must ...watch videos of misanthropes and nihilists.

Solfest said...

Solfest reaches for dictionary.

Believe me if I had trades to show I would.


Anonymous said...

Re mother f** global: ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Through the desolation of destruction, and the cycle of life, new blood will take over.

Too much credit floating around in the world to not take up the vacuum left by MFG or its clients.

Even some good might come of it, people maybe more circumspect, having newly discover what risk really means...like Michael Platt here is this thoughtful (one of my favorite qualities) interview on Schloomberg..