'With or Without You'

Crude oil, or any market, doesn't care about you. It moves "with or without you".

It doesn't hate you, or love you, it just doesn't care about you at all.


DT233 said...

You Canucks need to loosen those accounting standards a wee bit!

From News of the Weird:

• Unfortunately, Manulife Financial Corp. is a Canadian firm, and thus it had a very bad year. If exactly the same company had been magically relocated to anywhere in the United States, it would have had an outstanding year. Under Canada’s hard-nosed accounting rules, Manulife was forced to post a loss last year of $1.28 billion. However, under the more feel-good U.S. accounting rules, according to the company, it would have shown a profit of $2.2 billion and been flush with $16 billion more in shareholder value.

Solfest said...

Hmmm Canadian banks strongest in the world, American banks......

I think we should leave the accounting standards as is.

Ho Ho Ho