It's like this you see....

Five whole days and off the wagon we go.

Oh the humanity.

All systems were blue, the 89 tick chart doesn't turn blue unless the others are. So I have my short order sitting at 101.70, the next bar fills and doesn't get hit.

Sooooooooo..... technically speaking (God forgive me) I should pull the order.

I did not.

Now, the justification, (God forgive me) I have done this before with success, I probably have done this before without success, except I don't remember those and I have no stats on it.

The computer would not have taken the trade based on the parameters I have programmed.

The human took the trade.

The trade (note singular) worked.

Does it have a statistical edge? I have no idea.

The human liked how the other charts had set up, the human said let it go one more bar and if it comes down to where you were going to enter anyway just take it.

Who's right, the computer or the human?

I'll have to think on that one, but I know if that one singular trade (God forgive me) had not worked today (humans can't remember anything else with accuracy) I would have smacked myself silly for breaking the rules.

Hmmmm, I may have thought enough already.

I guess we all know who was right.



Anonymous said...

You'll wear out those neurons thinking like that! Drink some scotch and see how little you care after a couple of shots.

Solfest said...

ok, if you insist.

EIT said...

naughty boy

Solfest said...

I've been sitting in the corner for 48 hours now.

I'm getting hungry.

Anonymous said...

Every morning just look in the mirror and repeat the following 20 times...

"I am not a beaver, I am a polar bear".

... then this weak behaviour will just magically cease.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16219305 , for those who may be unaware of the key issue facing Canada in these times of environmental and financial meltdown.

Solfest said...

In these times of fiscal prudence and austerity I think Canada should scale the national animal down not up.

Meet our new symbol of national pride:


And the national museum: