Romancing the Chart

The EIT was mocking me today, as he does most days, mocking me with that whimsical Irish lilt. Yes that's the part that hurts.

Mocking my system and my muts. (hey it's 2012 make that mut as in singular)

When he starts to sing Irish drinking songs in his whimsical lilt while counting his profits I go off the deep end and fall to the floor screaming why me, why me!

Move after move, no signals.

Mocking after mocking, no signals.

Then suddenly, it appeared, a vision of blueness, like a beautiful blue woman.

A what?

Ok I don't write romance novels.

But there it was, and it was good.


EIT said...

Solfest you forgot the part about me mocking you while sitting by the pool in Portugal surrounded by the exquisite forms of semi naked Brazilians. You would recognise the pool - it's blue.

MBAGearhead said...

Sweet! Got to love surprise news that rolls the markets. EU will delay imposing Iran sanctions or some such...

Solfest said...

Ah yes, even better.

Solfest said...

MBA, whatever happens happens.

Profound, I know. :)

longandwrong said...

I knew we had a bond, finally someone else who shares my smurf fetish.

[Last daft comment, tomorrow I promise to say something sensible. Almost certainly]

Solfest said...


Are smurfs Irish?

MBA is a smurf?

Ohhhhh I get it.

You're an FX trader.

Yes, yes, that must be it.

Solfest said...
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Solfest said...
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Solfest said...
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Sandy said...

Nice, but are you trying to raise your comment count?

And see...if I was the casino I would be rolling around in money today after the antics in crude, but instead I was suffering through a repeat of the abysmally bad Wall Street 2, just to watch the lovely Carey Mulligan :)

While you were making hot dough.

Solfest said...

Let's just say there were technical difficulties with the me and the comment section.

Wall Street 2 wasn't that great but Margin Call looks like it might be a good one.

MrLebowski said...

Hi Solfest, its Anonymous here. How important is volume & open interest in your strategy? thx

Solfest said...

I don't use volume or look at open interest.

MrLebowski said...

Interesting, as its volume what causes price movements. Thanks

EIT said...

Lebowski - at the risk of becoming a guru - volume doesnt cause price movement - sentiment does. Volume makes movement smoother and faster.

MrLebowski said...

What if I had sentiment for sth but I temporarily couldn't afford it? And what if someone was counting on my sentiment and tried to sell it? <:-(

Solfest said...

Smurfs are blue?


Whew, 15 hours of research later.

You could have just told me that.

I need a nap.