My New Hero

Where has this man been my whole life?

Have I been living under a rock?

Maybe he's just been hidden by the liberal media. :)

The book can't get here fast enough.

I need a trade, cause I'm buying these books as well.

I wonder if he will adopt me?

The good news, for a certain fellow who shall remain nameless, is I only have room for one hero picture in my office so Margaret Thatcher has to come down.

What's that I hear....police arrest independent trader in Britain due to a drunken rampage culminating in his running naked through the neighbourhood screaming she's gone, she's gone!


Anonymous said...

I have a picture of Thatcher on my wall.

Unfortunately as I live in a quaint English house I also struggle for space and have had to place it on the dartboard. It's very therapeutic though.

L&W (unable to publish as wordpress ID)

Solfest said...

Well thanks for stopping by anon, you sound like some other guy i know.

I too cannot log in, comment, or view comments on some blogs.

Not sure what the issues are, they seem to come and go.

Solfest said...



The President does what's right for his country, not what he thinks is right for his re election.

Wait a second.....they did what?

Oh right it's President Obama, the man for whom logic does not apply.

At least he says it with a smiley face.

Solfest said...


I'm posting this here cause no one else comments so I have to comment on my own blog.

It's like a talk show host begging for calls.

And I'm posting to show the difference between a hero and a coward.

Or a politician I should say, or, is there any difference between a coward and a politician.

I would say no.

YM-Trader said...

I have been a fan of Thomas Sowell for about a year. I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper asking if they'd start printing some of his columns on the Op-Ed page...and they did. Several of them now in fact. Of course liberals usually write in to say how wrong he is. Ha!

Solfest said...

YM you are now my second place hero.