Another Cheery Peak Oil Video...

With a little conspiracy theory thrown in for good measure.

The one factor the peak oil doomsday folks don't talk about is demand destruction. We have seen evidence of this all ready at $140 dollar oil and $4.00 gasoline.

As prices move ever higher in a "peak oil" world demand will continue to drop, and as prices increase alternative energy supplies will increase.

These boys paint a very disturbing picture and I don't have the information to know if they are any where near the truth. Watch with an open mind as they could all be 100% wrong.

I don't buy the 911 connection and they certainly don't offer the other side of this story.

However I do think the world becomes a more dangerous place as the oil supply depletes.


Jules said...

I'm all for conspiracy theory, Solfest! I'm obsessed in fact! :-)

I haven't an inkling how much oil we have under our feet (maybe you have an idea how much there is under yours in Alberta LOL), but I do believe that demand for energy, oil or alternatives, will definitely increase, exponentially in fact, with increase in world population and as countries like China and India continue to advance at a speed that has not stopped baffling me.

The best lies are always those that have some truths mixed in. If you know what I mean :-)

Anonymous said...

who is the goof that wrote this?

Demand distruction means loss of GDP growth that affects national debt servicing.

this is what demand distruction looks like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7vGDwGLU7s

And just where will you find a new Saudi Arabia every two year?
The Buccaneer Energy CEO says the same thing in this audio, "a saudi arabia every two years." http://www.netcastdaily.com/broadcast/fsn2008-0906-3c.asx
or maybe you need to take the crash course http://www.chrismartenson.com/crashcourse

Solfest said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for enlightening the "Goof", I feel much wiser now and have seen the error of my ways.