Crude Oil Charts

Crude oil sat around and did nothing today, and so did I.

Ok, not quite nothing, but close.

The trade chatting was more interesting than the trading, so read the last couple of posts prior to this one. This one only has boring charts.

OPEC seemed to be holding up the market as they met today to tell us they will continue to produce oil and the high prices were all my fault.

A break even, full stop, and small winner today. The big move came after the NY session closed and I exited my trade at the close.

So in case you can't add that up, I missed it.

13 Tick Crude Oil Renko Bar Chart

The daily chart shows us the new world of oil trading as we have seen the break that we talked about back on a August 26, 2008 post. http://tradingcrude.blogspot.com/2008/08/daily-crude-oil-chart.html

Daily Crude Oil Chart

If you are looking for some more interesting reading check out The Bing Blog in my blog list. Stanley is planning to have the U.S. "acquire" Canada.

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