Commodities, The Last Free Market?

Who is John Galt?

They're free for now, but it has become apparent that the rules can be changed at any time. Just make sure you are not short an investment bank when it happens.

I have moved my main chart back to the 13 tick renko. I know, I know, trade the plan moron.

I am using the 13 and the 8 tick the same way I used the 13 and the 5 tick charts.

With crude oil you need a larger time frame to follow the big picture. 13 seems to be the one. Less trading is better trading, for me. The signal must be there on the 13 tick chart first and then we can use the 8 tick for an entry point.

Crude is having alot of problems deciding what side of $100 it wants to live on. It's final thought for today was above $100.

13 Tick Crude Oil Renko Charts (click on charts to view)

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