The Best Of

I'm going to take a little time off from the blog again. Not sure how long. So for your viewing pleasure I have compiled the greatest hits (ha ha) of Capital is Scarce.

I may edit this list in the future and if you have any suggestions let me know.

Trader Psychology

How to Trade?

Crude Oil, Carbon, Climate Change

Bluegrass Trading

We Believe

A Crude Awakening

Another Cheery Peak Oil Video

Running Money

Two Signals, Three Trades

I am Not a Human

Why You Should Not be a Trader

Know Thyself

Whose Game are you Playing?

The Future Value of Solfest's Cable Bill

Oracle of Omaha

Who are You



daytrader233 said...

I'm pretty sure L&W was joking Sol. You don't have to go. LOL

I assume you will still be trading just not blogging. Enjoy the freedom.

See you around.


Solfest said...

I'll be around. :)

Jules said...

I have one: write a book.
I'll buy :-)

Solfest said...

Once upon a time..........

Anonymous said...

I was going to take a break as well, but now I can't or they will start up that 'we are the same person' nonsense again :-)

I was also going to remark about what a wise collection of thoughts the 'Best Of' is. Unfortunately I can't do that either, but only because I have a reputation to maintain.

Solfest said...

You can't take a break LW the traders of the world need you.

MiniDowScalper said...


Do you have much trouble switching user ids when you comment as "LW"? Or do you use a separate PC? I would think a two PC setup would be easier. And with the maintenance of two blogs...


Solfest said...

As long as you all realize that I am LW and LW is not Solfest I'm ok.

Anonymous said...

They didn't fall for that...

Solfest= carbon-criminal

...plan did they ? :)

Solfest said...

I'm not sure, the plan has confused me now.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Solfest!

Hopefully 2010 will see you start blogging again.

Solfest said...

Thanks LW

All the best to you and yours in the new year.