I Live Here

and here

I'm proud of both.

Without this there is no money to make videos of pretty girls on horses.


Anonymous said...

This is the reason I put up with ignorant politicians, stupid laws and a nanny state.....

And every time I travel, no amount of exotic places, and exotic experiences make me think about living somewhere else.

Yaaaa, baby...and hockey!

No snide gallery comments about the cold and our accents either...otherwise we'll come over and bore you to death with our politeness :))

Solfest said...

And every where you go in Alberta there are babes on horses.

That was a very good hockey game last night.


Anonymous said...

"....good game..." From the team ranked among the 5 worst in the league? All I can say is....party poopers!

And that's after a gazillion first round picks from heaven knows how long...

Solfest said...

We're building.

Soon we will be there.


VTtrader said...

I knew a guy named solfest once, and he disappeared. That guy used to write a blog also. Until he quit, then started, then quit, then started etc. I come to this site looking for blue bars and all I get is video clips. One chart with blue bars after 28 conditions on three charts are met...shees, good thing I'm not Irish! :)

Solfest said...

Hey vt.

If I had blue bars to show I would show blue bars.

Range is terrible and I am flat.

The Irish wonderkind is pretty much the same.

YM-Trader said...

I am jealous. When I was a kid I wanted to move to British Columbia and live in a log cabin because I read a story of a guy who did that. "The Amazing Crusoes of Lonesome Lake". Does British Columbia have babes on horses too?
Guess where I live now....go to the very bottom of the NHL standings (I mean the very bottom). That's my team!!

Solfest said...

YM B.C. has babes on horses, but they are all socialists.

You should have kept Hitchcock as coach.