You Can't Put a Price on Love

It was Valentines Day.

Is it just me, or did we not just celebrate this last year?

Anyway I had the perfect gift picked out for Mrs. Solfest, Elton John tickets, ya baby. Why Elton John is coming to Red Deer is beyond me, but hey we'll take it.

Tickets went on sale a few days before Valentines, at 10:00 am sharp. Since I just sit here all day I can do that, be ready, ready to pounce.

Pounce I did, and.....nothing, sold out in seconds.

Now what? Not flowers again, she said she wanted an iPad, so let's have a look.

$519!!!!, what the .....

Hmmmmm how bout a Kindle Fire, ya a Kindle Fire, I hear they're just as good and they only cost $199.

Ya baby.

Amazon makes 1 cent on every dollar of revenue.

Apple makes 24 cents on every dollar of revenue.

Amazon obviously hates their shareholders and loves their customers.

Since I own shares in neither let's go with Amazon.

I know I know she bore your children, she's married to you, you cheap bastard.

Hey trades are scarce and I think the Kindle Fire is just as good if not better than the iPad. And, I found a review to prove it. Ok I ignored a few other reviews as well.

Anyway she'll be happy I'm sure.

One click at Amazon and I'm outa here.

Hey wait a tick, where is it? It's not here?

"The Kindle Fire is not yet available in Canada".

Come on man!

Valentines is today, not flowers again.

Now I'm desperate, the desperate middle aged dude that retailers love. The desperate middle aged dude that can pretty much buy anything, plastic required or not.

Ok, iPad it is.

You can't put a price on love?

Sure you can, $519 bucks.


Solfest said...

Fortunately the iPad bound for Alberta was not being loaded on a container ship in Shanghai. (duh)

It was being loaded on a nice brown UPS airplane.

The iPad's journey so far has been from Chengdu, China to Shanghai, China to Incheon, South Korea to Louisville, Kentucky, to Mount Hope, Ontario.

For some strange reason I find this all fascinating.

I'm a commerce geek.

Anonymous said...

I came here looking for a Solfest-rant about Greek debt *still* being 120% of GDP in 2020.

I have gone away looking mildly dejected.


Solfest said...

Internet was hit and miss today, with the hit being at 3 legged donkey speed.

So no trading and I have no idea what's going on in the world.

The iPad continued it's journey from Mount Hope, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Calgary, Alberta to Solfestville today.

Solfest said...


Of course.