Who Cares About Trading

Haven't been to an Oilers game in 15 years or so.

We picked the right one to go to.

What a night. :)

Gagner records NHL's first eight-point game since 1989


Anonymous said...

That was a terrible night, my boy Tazer got slammed that night :(

And by a bunch of kids!

Solfest said...

Ya Baby!

For those non hockey people, after you score a hat trick (3 goals) the fans throw hats on the ice.

After Gagner's fourth goal someone threw a shoe on the ice.

Do you bring a spare or go home with only one?

Anonymous said...

Bloody violent barbarians, no wonder you can't play a gentleman's game like cricket to save your lives.




Solfest said...

Oh come on now, just a wee dust up.


Anonymous said...

That's nothing, this is a massacre ...


Solfest said...


Grok said...

If trading could be this easy we all could own our own hockey team. (I throw my my shoes at the screen all the time) :Doh .......