Wake Up!!

I got some ointment, rubbed it all over, (the directions weren't that clear)
and fortunately the illeism went away.

Startled into action this morning. I almost missed the first trade and as you can see had to make the, is the second bar after the signal bar allowed, decision again.

Last time this happened I called it a mut.

This time I'm not calling it a mut.

Hmmmm, a little fuzzy on the logic?

I know, I know.

Anyway it does seem to make sense to give it one more bar so it's in the plan, good or bad.

I exited early on this one as she was going the wrong way in a hurry.

You sit around and wait, give up, wait some more, get mad, think you need to change, grow despondent, write bizarre blog posts, give up again, fall asleep, and then whammo, there she is.

You just never know.

So you better be ready.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah take the p*** out of those who love the English language. About time they got your whole country speaking French.



*Google tells me this is French for "moo", although my privacy was abused while I discovered that.

Solfest said...

A small price to pay for the collective (did I just say that word) intelligence of the globe.