Les Moo


MBAGearhead said...

I want those 2 min. of my life back please.

Solfest said...

Hmmmm you have an MBA and you are a "gearhead".

Perhaps the fine arts are lost on you.

Trin Café said...

I don't care much for cats but la vidéo était très drôle.

Solfest said...

It's a cat?

My french isn't that good, I thought it was a cow.

Anonymous said...

The first rule of fight club is... Hang on, that's wrong.

The first rule of blogging is never lower yourself to posting cat videos (no matter how funny and angst-ridden the cat may be).

L&W (posting non-anon still not working)

Solfest said...

The first rule of a trading blog is to post charts demonstrating highly profitable trades.

The second rule of a trading blog run by a otter like cat is to post funny cat videos while mooing at geese.

The third rule of a trading blog is to pretend you are a wise and patient trader who enjoys staring at charts with no trades for weeks on end.

The fourth rule of a trading blog is to spend way too much time making up stupid rules for trading blogs while you stare at charts that mock your inability to grind out a single tick.