Perfection does not exist in trading.

Or does it?

Perfection in trading is not a 100% win rate.

Perfection in trading is a 100% execution rate.

Only a machine can achieve that.

Since I am not a machine, yet, I have continued to work with Automan to allow it to take over.

Man did not learn to fly in one day.

But eventually you get there.


YM-Trader said...

Perfection? The Edmonton Oilers seem to have that down pat. Not the part about winning games against all odds. I mean winning the draft lottery (again) against all odds. But I would never ever, no not in a zillion years call it a R-I-G-G-E-D system. Oh my, heavens no!

Solfest said...

Ya Baby!

At least they're good at something.

Solfest said...