No Trades

No signals on the YM today and one on CL which I missed as I was out bleeding. Or giving blood as it is more commonly known. Not for other people, no, just some blood to, ah, look at, I guess.

So no fascinating charts with witty dialogue today. How about some funny video instead.


Anonymous said...

whats the YM

Solfest said...

YM is the mini dow futures contract.


Anonymous said...

is that all you trade. crude and mini dow futures? what would be the best way to learn about using renko charts?

Solfest said...

Yes that's all I trade. I'm very simple. And I only trade one of them at a time.

There is not alot of info on trading renko charts that I could find.

Google it and try investopedia.

You could type renko in the search blog box at the top left of this blog.

You may learn something there, or you may not. :)

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog.. how long have you been trading for.. do you use charts only. i also trade crude oil for a company. wondering what size you trade. i generally trade 5 lots at a time and when its working it feels good. over traded today and paid for it. no real setups..

Solfest said...

I have been trading for 12 years, part time for 10 and full time for 2.

I trade 1 contract, only day trade, and only use technical analysis for futures.

I used to swing trade stocks when I was part time.

A really, really, really old trader tells all who will listen the key to trading success is knowing when not to trade.

He also says the urge to trade is greater than the urge to trade profitably.

Those old guys are smart.

pranil said...

Love that quote about the urge to trade is greater than the urge to trade profitable.. Is is difficult to sustain a living with trading one contract at a time?

Solfest said...

It's a good one. Hits me right between the eyes at times.

The number of contracts traded is not the sustainable living factor.


joshua said...

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