Wendy, I'm Home

Further to yesterday's post and in response to DJC I present thus.


davidjcairns said...

I see...

J the FX Wizard said...

...So its been a while since your last post. Are you still around? To post this and then be silent for this long is, well...eery.

J the FX Wizard said...

Apparently there are more recent posts and my RSS didn't update...I retract my previous comment.

Solfest said...

Actually I think it’s more disturbing than eerie.

I am still around but what I actually do all day is a mystery.

From now on instead of trying to explain to people what a commodity trader / day trader is I'm just going to tell them I'm a writer.

I'm working on my novel.

I just need some peace and quiet.

If I hear one more person tell me "it must be difficult for you with these markets down so much" I'm going to snap.

Where's my axe.

Here's Johnny!