Blue Screen of Death

Solfest's trading computer is currently displaying the blue screen of death. :(

Message as follows:

STOP: C0000135 (unable to locate component)
This application has failed to start because KERNEL32.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

google the stop code or the kernel, will usually show the fix

VTtrader said...

That's not good! Does it boot at all?

Solfest said...

It starts to boot up, shows the xp logo and then goes to the blue screen.

I downloaded the kernel file on another machine and put it on a memory stick. I stuck the stick in the dead comp and powered it up.


Anonymous said...


Look at this link:


VTtrader said...

Can you boot into safe mode? press f8 before it goes to the xp logo screen, and then choose "safe made"

Solfest said...

VT tried that and get new error messages. Multidisk somthing, and then back to blue screen.

VTtrader said...

Can you put mirc on the computer you're using now and come into the room? It will be easier in real-time.

Solfest said...

Tried that anon, nothing.

I'll load up mirc VT.


VTtrader said...

I thought after you left that maybe your BIOS isn't set to boot from CD. Unless you've already shot it.

Solfest said...

My BIOS. Hmmm

Yes that's just what I was thinking.

Note to self: Google BIOS

thelonelytrader said...

Sol, I'll build you one at cost and install the OS if you'd like. Lemme know. Seriously. And I promise not to put pictures of your mistresses on the hard drive.

Solfest said...

LT I'm still waiting for the Doctor's report, or the coroner's report.