That was fun

Wow, I still don't know what the barrel count said but whatever it was the market moved. The tally as follows starting with the first trade around 7:04, full stop, be, be, be, target, be, target, target, be, full stop, (switch to sim on second full stop) full stop, be, full stop, target.

I doubt I would have taken those last two trades live as the floor trading was about to close and we quite often see some strange price action in the last 15 minutes or so. That said the signals were there so I simmed them and they go into the stats.

Crazy day.

2 Minute Crude Oil Charts


daytrader233 said...

14 trades Sol? Is that normal for you? Or were you "in the zone"?

Solfest said...

No that's not normal, the average is 5.

The signals just kept coming.

Look at a 15 minute chart, the day was straight up after the report. When the trend doesnt change for most of the day the number of signals goes up.

If the trend keeps changing I don't get signals as I have to wait for the 8 EMA to crossover, and sometimes the ADX goes flat in the changeover, etc.

Solfest said...

15 Minute CL

60 Minute CL

mvw said...

Crude was a monster today. You rode it well. Adrenaline is pumping just looking at your charts. Nice trading.