Geek Speak

I watched these two interviews on the weekend, I would consider Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates to be the world's top geeks. Here are their interviews with Charlie Rose.

Interesting to see how badly Bill wants to take a piece of Google's pie.

This was the first time I have ever heard Eric Schmidt speak and I must say I liked what I heard. He still thinks the best way to learn is to pick up a book and read. :)

Solfest should quit complaining about the price of cable and realize what a wonderful world he lives in.

I traded until about 9:30 MST today and then went golfing. Looks like I got the gold and left the shaft for everyone else.

Sorry bout that.


JE said...

Ha! I love Louis C.K.! Did you see his blog of his trip to visit troops in Iraq?

Solfest said...

Not yet, but I will look.

Thanks JE