Two core emotions in the human psyche are fear and greed. Mr. Buffett says we should be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.

It seems the vast majority of people are simply not capable of doing this. We have just stopped being greedy and instead become fearful.

Do the media incite fear? Does the "madness of crowds" start with perceptions delivered by the media, or are they just cold portrayers of facts?

The scariest thing of all is the fact that my tax dollars paid for this film.


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Solfest said...

I like commenting on my own blog. It gives me a sense of community. A community of one of course, but still a community. Today I ask myself did you have any trades?

No I didn't, thanks for asking.

Apparently my system only trades on Fridays. I spend the rest of the week smashing my head against the desk. Tomorrow I plan to sharpen pencils. There could be a pencil sharpening accident where I accidentally stick my finger in the pencil sharpener reducing it to a bloody pulp.

That would be exciting.

I was reading Fortune magazine tonight, the actual paper version, about all the newly unemployed folks.

Maybe I should lay myself off. Cut some overhead.

Oh yes make sure you read Bing's column, The Last Man, very funny.