Just Because


davidjcairns said...


Solfest said...

DJC, many folk say Hendrix was the best.

I still like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GSpbuFSr2o


Solfest said...

I'm back.

I choose these three as the heart and soul of R & B, that all rock music was derived from.

davidjcairns said...

Yes, you have probably picked the most influential foundational artists of modern music. Except one...the man who began it all.


P.S. I also don't endorse this video's secret message. Tom Scholz of Boston wrote this song after picking up a guitar for the first 6 months ealier. And if you look him up, I don't think that Tom Scholz has any affiliation with malevolent spirits.


also, I think Stevie Ray is way better when he plays his own music.


Solfest said...

It's hard for my ear to hear what others hear in Robert Johnson. Maybe the sound quality is the issue.

Or maybe it's me.

If he did sell his soul to the devil I wonder if it was worth it?