Startled into Action

A couple of signals today, not sure if I just didn't trade them well or if I got all my system can give. Got a break even and a trailing stop for a small positive day.

Felt like I should have done better based on the the post trade review. That could be due to the shortage of signals lately as you feel the need to cash in when something does show up.

Hopefully tomorrow is as active as the last 2 Fridays.

5 Minute Crude Oil Chart

1 Minute Crude Oil Chart


Anonymous said...

were your two trades enter at 38.96 exit 39.22 and 39.03 abd 39.16?


Solfest said...

The prices don't matter James. The day is over. How goes the reading?

Anonymous said...

The reading is pretty good. It is very easy reading but when looking at the charts on your own its alot harder. I know its a process so I am in no hurry.. So I was wrong on your entries and exits.. huh James