Pride and Joy

Got into a big fight with my plan this week. It was ugly, yelling, screaming, crying, and then the neighbors called the police. I threatened to leave my plan, I told her I found a new faster version, one that looked up to me as the trading master I am. I am ashamed to admit I even tried out the "other" plan. But, in the end my plan did not fail me, and she remains as always, my pride and joy.

1 Minute Crude Oil Chart


Anonymous said...

see !

your asteroid finally occured - the apocalypse happened - your environment changed.

you are now free to blossom and take over the world my little gerontomorph.

Solfest said...

Not sure I want to be your "little gerontomorph".

I was in such a rush on Friday I put up the same chart twice.

Hopefully we see the range in crude oil continue to expand.

davidjcairns said...


Solfest said...

Thanks DJC, I needed that.