"Make me a Trader"

This is an interesting piece of television, a British reality show on trading. Watch the emotion in these rookie traders. That very normal and oh so human emotion. I wonder if there is some way to surgically remove it?


Anonymous said...

uhhh, drop the scalpel
and practice some discipline, why don't you throw in a little focus while your at it

'a man has a full time job managing his ego and emotion'


Solfest said...

I guess I should mention I had no trades today. Well that's not exactly correct, I had no signals.

Yes, I know, I'm a bad bad man.

Two made up trades. I had blue on the 1 minute and the 5 minute was close so I took at trade right after the open.

Full stop.

So to make it worse I then took a revenge trade.

Yes, I know, I'm a bad bad man.

The revenge trade still had blue on the 1 minute and made a new low so really it's not a mut. It's just a 1 minute trade, right?

Yes that's right a 1 minute trade.

Oh shut up. It's a mut. Even worse a revenge mut.

Since no one talks to me on my blog I'm now talking to myself.

The next question is, do I answer?

The revenge trade got the stop to be + 1 and was sitting around + 6 to +15 when I said to myself, “hey moron take a few tics and get out and maybe we get to zero for the day and we can start this week over”.

So I did. A -11 trade and a +11 trade, sent $11.00 to IB and that was it for the day.

No legit signals all day. So I shall continue my hunt for knitting videos or trading videos or disturbing videos and continue this very long wait for something to happen in the markets.

Or at least something to happen that I can trade.

Solfest said...

Oh look someone commented on my blog!!

Maybe they are here to thank me for finding this fascinating reality TV show on traders?


Just another whining trader complaining about his day.

He is rather good looking though, and eloquent, in spite of his obvious confusion on the use of commas.

Solfest said...

Why look at that, a real comment, from a real person, and a trader at that. If I would have known your comment was there waiting for me I wouldn’t have had that very long strange conversation with myself, and the world could have kept their very high regard for me.

Now they’re just not sure.

Although RR I do have to mention I don't feel those comments were done in the tone of positivity you proclaim to live by.

Quite frankly I'm shocked and dismayed at your conduct.

I am happy at the new word I made up though.

That should be the name of your blog RR.


Anonymous said...

that was positively focusing forward with a disciplinary slant on what needs to be done
plus 'drop the scalpel' i think that is a very positive comment concerning your health


Anonymous said...

and quit talking to yourself,

it's embarrassing . . .

_/: )

Anonymous said...


Solfest said...

LOL this is quite a relief RR, for a moment there I thought your surgeon had missed your emotionality and removed your sense of humor by mistake.

Two new words in one day, sometimes I amaze myself.

Solfest said...

Does this mean I did not invent positivity?

Are you a positivist?

Any way never trust a man from Sweden who wears a scarf
indoors and says things like "general awesomeness".

P.S. Are you stalking me?

Anonymous said...

the site looks a little heavy to me
variety is the spice of life
and i like to keep myself well seasoned

now if i were stalking you
you wouldn't be able to see me . . .

Anonymous said...

wow, i didn't see the 'about' page

it was your site not mine

maybe it's your freudian connection . . .

Solfest said...

We need to stop, I'm getting confused.

Anonymous said...

fine go
shatter my whole positivity bubble and just walk away

i'm going to go practice my negativity any way,
now that being positive won't be the same any more . . .

Solfest said...

Once a positivist always a positivist.