Bears and Ice

Canada is a strange, wild, and wonderful place.

Play tag with bears.
Spin ice breaker donuts.


Anonymous said...

yaa bears and donuts, cute . . .

but lets get to the real story, the small over looked detail in this grand treasure of your thoughts and inspirations,
past all the videos, beyond all the charts, over the ah inspiring comments.

look at you,
there it is, it's small but it's alive, it has finally shown itself after moving up from deep in the heart, working it's way out into the realm of your reality

fight you may but it's just wasted time, you can't hold it back so just let it go.
courage you'll need but that's not a problem because now you believe that . . .
life is abundant

oh ya, haha . . . and good for you

rr _|: )

Solfest said...