A Couple of Trades

Thursday's trade had a full target and a full stop. Would have got target if I had entered again on the break of that 2nd 1 minute entry bar.

I don't take the third swing as I have found that it is usually getting too far away from mean (EMAs) and doesn't have the risk reward I want.

But yes the third swing would have worked here.

5 Minute Crude Oil

1 Minute Crude Oil

Didn't trade Friday as I was doing a little tinkering with the blue bars. Not sure if I learned anything and we will continue to work on it this weekend.

I'm happy with the results of my trades, there just are not enough of them. So the idea is to find a few more without adding too many strike outs.

We shall see.

Have a nice weekend all, here's another addition to the what do Canadians do for fun file.

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