Blue Sky

Solfest has just recently recognized the fragility of life and seen the error of his scarcity mantra.

Or, Solfest is sick and tired of Rain (RR) complaining about his "negative" blog title.

So with my new found abundant life in hand I present the Solfest transformation.

Caught 25 tics with this trade and pretty much shut it down for the day. I was too busy celebrating my abundance to trade anymore.

1 Minute Crude Oil Chart


Anonymous said...

. . . checkmate

good game

rr _|: )

thelonelytrader said...

Careful...you just might jinx yourself...and at the cost of a game of chess, I might add. RR is getting you for cheap!

Solfest said...

Just between you and me Lonely, capital is still scarce, and always will be.

Sometimes it just takes a few years for all to see it.

Like your federal government for instance.

Anonymous said...

but you still believe
life is abundant,
right ?


Solfest said...

Of course I do Rain. I just spend the weekend watching my kids play hockey, had a nice dinner this evening with my extended family.

Life is abundant.

Anonymous said...

good to hear sol
good for you

and thank goodness we didn't have to start all over again : )