Curve Fitting

When you start messing with your trading system there is always a danger that you will catch the horrible disease known as constantinkeritis.

This is a nasty affliction which you should recognize if you are making 3:00 AM MACD adjustments and mumbling to yourself throughout the day.

The only known cure is the blue screen of death on your computer that causes you to toss it in the garbage and buy a new one. This clean slate provides the opportunity to begin life anew.

Three trades today, one on a time frame that shall remain nameless for now. Caught a partial stop, partial target, and full target.

The second trade shown here did not have blue on the entry bar, but did on the longer time frame chart. I thought the 1 minute bar would turn blue if the trade went my way. It didn't, but the trade worked anyway.

1 Minute Crude Oil Charts

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