Coin Flipping

There's an old adage in trading that says with proper money management you could make money by flipping a coin to choose your direction in the market.

Saw the gamut of trading results today with a target hit, a full stop hit, and trailing profit stop hit. I traded well; I took what the market gave and let the money management rules work for me.

All in all a nice day, with the equity markets moving up and huge Canadian oil patch merger. My stocks with the limit stop orders are still in play and their prices moving further away from the stops.

That's today, who knows what tomorrow shall bring.

1 Minute Crude Oil Charts

Added a link to the EIT's trading room in the right hand column of the blog. Mirc is not exactly user friendly so if you can figure out how to get there you have passed half the test to join.

The other half of the test starts after you are in the room. If you are not a jerk and have nothing for sale you are welcome to stay.

Once you download the mirc platform find the othernet random server and then search for #TigersCommunity.

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Solfest said...

Here is a little video done by one of the traders in Tiger's room that explains the joys of getting set up in mirc.