Good Solfest, Bad Solfest

Good Solfest waited for his trade set up on both charts, the 3 minute and the 1 minute. Good Solfest was rewarded for his patience by having his trade hit his predetermined target.

Bad Solfest is too embarrassed to even show you the chart where he took his trade. Bad Solfest saw his set up on one chart and jumped in without waiting for confirmation from the other chart. Bad Solfest's trade moved a few tics his way and then turned around and smacked him in the head.

The only thing Good Solfest and Bad Solfest have in common is their money management. This ensures that Bad Solfest cannot ruin the day completely.

For this Good Solfest is grateful.

1 Minute Crude Oil Chart


Jules said...

Bad Solfest should have taken the ticks while Good Solfest's doing all the waiting...

Solfest said...

Bad Solfest should be taken out behind the barn and shot.