A Sad Day

A helicopter carrying 18 oil workers to an off shore rig went down off the coast of Newfoundland today. So far they have only found one survivor. This tragedy reminded me of the Ocean Ranger, an off shore rig that sank on Feb 14, 1982 with 84 crew on board. There were no survivors.

Drilling for oil is a dangerous enough job on land, when you add the Atlantic Ocean in the winter time it gets even worse.

My wife and I met a lady from Newfoundland last summer who's Father died on the Ocean Ranger. Kind of brings it home.

Trading doesn't really matter.

1 Minute Crude Oil Chart


Jules said...

No, it doesn't. And a lot of other things don't matter too. A teenager in Germany just gunned down a number of people at his old school and those in the premise - including a few passers-by! Makes me wonder why we make a big fuss over our life - and whether an ant or a fly actually does the same...

Solfest said...

We just have to make sure we're making a big fuss over the right things in our life.

Cause it can end anytime.