The blank space on the right side of the chart is where the Sierra front end sits, why it doesn't show up in the screen capture is beyond me.

Went live with the CL auto trader.

However it just trades what the Solfest non auto trader trades.

Which means Automan looks more like this.

I'll throw this in here so you can see what Automan can really look like. This is a chart replay from February with an auto entry and exit.

The lines on it are from my actual entry and exit without Automan.

So Automan and Solfest are pretty close.

Now all I need is the market to do that again. :)


Market Monkey said...

Nice progress on the Auto Trader but, to be honest, I'm more fascinated by AutoMan...just how corny was TV back then!?

The Notorious MM

Solfest said...

That's a classic, I don't remember ever seeing it, but still a classic.

Trin Café said...

Auto Man, brings back some good memories... Automan was must watch TV for me, along with the A-Team, Knight Rider and the Dukes of Hazard.

Nice auto trading by the way, but please never compare it to the [cough] greatness of Automan. : )

Solfest said...

TC you have my sincere apologies.