Maybe We Do Need Trading Floors

Perhaps the solitary world of an independent trader is not the right environment for trading success.

One may find oneself randomly mooing and referring to oneself in the third person whilst demanding, in old testament english, a serf bring oneself coffee.

Although my first thought upon seeing the video was, finally some peace and quiet.

The death row guy in the last video said he just went to other places in his head to survive. He didn't realize it was a problem until he discovered he couldn't stop doing that.

You mean everyone doesn't do that?


We volunteer for our isolation.

Are we mad?

Am I?

Why does The Shining appeal to me?

Does the world really need the colour green?

I think not.

The bottom line is the isolation really only bothers those nutty extroverts.


MBAGearhead said...

Must not be any blue bars today?

Solfest said...

No blue today.

There was some nice movement though, so that's always frustrating.

Tomorrow I'll just wing it.

Who needs systems.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that, over the past 6months or so..I have come across a couple of like minded "mad" folks, with whom a powerful team could be formed creating an edge sharp enough to battle GMan....

So despite my loner self, that is not an insane idea at all. But what do I know

Solfest said...

Problem is the "like minded" part.

All trading the same thing the same way, I'm not sure would work.

Well let me re state, it would not work for me.

But in a room with other traders doing their own thing, that I could do.


As long as I'm allowed to randomly moo at the top of my lungs.

Anonymous said...

Here's what is worrying me as I sit in my own little isolation cell...

1. As I am on a different PC I had to google "Prepare to..." to find your blog as I didn't have a bookmark. After only those two words I was astonished by the auto complete and was foolish enough to click on something I really shouldn't have.

2. My (bucket shop) broker has new 'sentiment' data. This tells me that the *vast* majority of their clients are short just about every stock index BUT the *vast* majority are long the component companies. This might mean something of mind-blowing significance, but I don't know what yet.

1 and 2 are sufficiently disturbing that I have gone to my "happy place" where pretty girls ride horses and eur/jpy spreads are halved.


YM-Trader said...

In a battle of NHL behemoths last night, the 30th place Blue Jackets defeated the 29th place Oilers 0-3 in a race for the first pick in the draft. Haven't the Oilers had it for two years in a row now? Enough is enough. No more excuses for the folks in Alberta.

Solfest said...

LW all I can say is I hope you were prepared to be wrong.

YM you can win that race this year because your team really, and I mean really, needs that first pick.

The Oilers beat you, that's bad.