The message is The Guardian delivers "the whole picture".


The media is a powerful entity, an entity with one purpose.

The purpose is to make money.

I could make the point that it's evil for the media's sole purpose to be making money.

I could, but that would be hypocritical because it is mankind's sole purpose.

You may argue this point, you may argue that you, and others, have more than one purpose. You may argue this point, but you would be wrong.

You, and I, may think we have other purposes for our lives, purposes like love, charity, environmental purity, and the like.

You, and I, may argue this, but we would be wrong.

We're ok with those other purposes, we may think we place those purposes above money, we may think that, but we would be wrong.

Take away the money and our sole purpose in life becomes very clear.

Take away the money and all other purposes go away. They go far far away and we move to a zone that may even surprise us.

We will do anything to get money.


We are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to get money. You may argue we would be willing to kill because those we love need the money too, you may argue this, and you may be right. (aha fooled you)

Money comes first.

Money comes first for the media, environmentalists, politicians, scientists, oil companies, bankers, and traders.

Money comes first.

The environmental movement is a business. A business whose main concern is making money. Over the years the business moves it's "outrage" to the largest income stream, whether it be population growth, nuclear power, clear cutting, saving whales, or now the oilsands.

Al Gore set the stage for the latest "outrage" with a movie.

One day a few years back Al Gore flew to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and gave a luncheon speech, that same day he flew to Calgary, Alberta and gave a dinner speech.

Then Al Gore flew home.

Al Gore does not have wings.

Al Gore's plane was not electric.

Al Gore's plane was not a glider.

Al Gore flew on petroleum across North America so he could make money by telling us to stop using petroleum.

Al Gore could have stayed home and done a live video link to Saskatoon and Calgary using really cool internet technology. (remember he invented the internet)

Al Gore would not have been paid as much for that delivery method.

Money comes first.

There is usually more than one opinion on most subjects in the media. However the opinion that makes them the most money is the one that gets the most "ink".

Fortunately you have me to help you find the "underprivileged" opinions. :)

Death and destruction always sell better than things look pretty good.

"If it bleeds it leads" someone once said.

Money comes first.


The probligo said...

I Can not say you are wrong, "the money comes first".

On that basis I want to establish a class action on behalf of my grandchildren against those people who argue against the fact of global warming (not the cause, that is a different matter) and the need for humankind to do something, anything to protect their future.

At least they might die rich.

Big said...

We (humans) invented internet, cars, planes, probability theory, viagra... We have computers and we do know a lot about human mind. We also think that we are exceptionaly advanced.

But there is one discipline where we haven't advanced at all. I'd say even that we downgraded since tribal times.

Social intelligence.

We don't know how to efficiently share knowledge or resources so that anyone could profit from them. We don't respect each other. Honor have no value. These thing could be substitutes for money. But for some reasons we stick to money, because its so simple and easily measurable.

Solfest said...

Thank you for your comments.