I love reading.

More specifically I love books, I love the look, the smell, the feel, everything.

I have to specify that because you can now read books on a device.

A device.

A cold hard device. Yuck.

I digress.

Books are my education. Oh I went to school but I didn't find much that interested me there, basketball, track & field, and girls were interesting, that was about it.

My parents read. I saw this. I went to the library in my school and my Father took me and my siblings to the public library once a week so we could read some more.

I have now surrounded myself with books, as I sit here at my desk, with my idiot screens showing a remarkable lack of blue bars, I look over the screens and I see books, a whole wall of books. There's another wall of books in the living room.

I love books.

I wasted my "formal" education.

Books saved me.

I could say they taught me everything I know, which is true, but the proper tense is teach. They are still teaching me, they will always teach me because I will never stop reading to learn.

I went to my old high school a few years ago, they had done a massive renovation and were showing it off. The old library location was now a cafeteria, the new library was in an old classroom. I have more books in my house then they have in that "library".

I asked them why so few books. They said the kids get most of their information online.


My wife and I read.


My kids do not read.

They text, play Xbox, and demand more Apple products.

I have failed them.

This man was "saved" by books.

Lest we forget.

The documentary film makers make a nice movie but are a little fuzzy on the details, Kamkwamba explains it better here.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant guy that William....what a story....all I do is sit at home and click the mouse on a flickering screen....Perspective.

Solfest said...

Warren Buffett once said all he can do is allocate capital. Not much use for that had he lost the "ovarian lottery" and been born in Malawi.

William is now in the US going to college, we know he can make electricity from nothing, maybe he will learn to allocate capital as well.

YM-Trader said...

My early condolences to you and Sandy for the upcoming loss this Wednesday. I know you take your hockey seriously up there in Alberta.

Solfest said...

You better hope not.

You don't want to lose that first overall draft pick.

Take that Russian dude who will go back home and never be heard of again.