I Make Fire, Again

The last time Solfest "made fire" was when he coded the prices bars to turn blue upon meeting his trading parameters.

Now Solfest has made his first auto trade. (pause for applause)

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much, thank you, please sit down, please, thank you.

Now that I have basked in your applause I can tell you that the auto trade was done on the YM, I made 2 ticks, and I took an old fashioned manual trade on CL and lost 11 ticks.

HA, you can't take back your applause!

Now Solfest may have also made a little fire a few months ago when he linked his three charts together so he only gets a signal on the entry chart if the other two charts have signals in place.

This is required to be able to auto trade his system.

The auto trade today was not done using his system, so there is still some work to be done.

That said the signal was created, the entry did happen, and Solfest just sat there and watched.


Trin Café said...


Anonymous said...

You can make bars turn blue with words and letters...how about that...

All I can do is make Glenmorangie disappear...so kudos to you.

Solfest said...

Sierra does most of the work.

I just take credit for it.