You Don't Say

I do say.

I think.

All this "talk" about isolation got me thinking about, well, about my isolation.

It has me thinking about talking to people. People who trade for a living, or at least try to.

I have been in 2 other chat rooms in the last 5 years, one with about 80 people or so and one with 5 or 6 people.

I'm now down to skype with one.


What does that say about me?

Chat rooms can be good or bad or both in the same minute. The idea is good, create a virtual trading floor to commiserate with yer fellow man.

The reality is sometimes not so good. People are rude when there is no face to face contact. Ever been in an elite trader forum, it's unbelievable what they say to each other some times.

So in order for this to work there has to be a few rules, rules about what you should not do, and rules about what you should do.

Should Not Rules

Rule #1 No selling.
Rule #2 No teaching, teachers are wanna be sellers.
Rule #3 No questions on others trading systems.
Rule #4 No posting dollar figure results.

Should Rules

Rule #1 Participate.
Rule #2 Be civil.
Rule #3 Post trade results (if you want to) in ticks.
Rule #4 Feel free to talk about how you trade.
Rule #5 Random mooing is encouraged.
Rule #6 Feel free to mock Al Gore.
Rule #7 Feel free to adore Margaret Thatcher, Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, and Milton Friedman.
Rule #8 Feel free to come into the chat room to see Solfest sitting there by himself, laugh at him, then leave immediately.

I reserve the right to add or delete rules at any time.

I'll be in the room from 7:00 am to 12:30 pm MST, unless I'm not.

We will see how this goes and if it sucks I'll just delete the thing.

That works.


Trin Café said...

Can we meet at the local pub?
Do Canadians call bars pubs?
How well can you trade after a few pitchers of beer?
*Probably not recommended for best trading performance.

I like your idea, but the day job will keep me away from the chat group. I often wonder how I will spend my time during markets I am flat in for hours at a time?

Keep the mooing to a minimum or people will think you have been in solitary confinement for 48 hrs.

Solfest said...

I'm afraid we call them bars.

I have a feeling after a couple of weeks the "chat" room will be deleted and a very distant memory.

Trin Café said...

Deleted, maybe-maybe not?

I get the feeling most people who would be interested in visiting chat rooms are looking for advise/help with their trading game.

That would clearly violate Rule#2 and Rule#3

Maybe you could offer happy hour after the markets are closed? : )

Solfest said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Solfest said...

If someone else could teach you how to trade everyone would be successful.

There are so many con artists "teaching" people how to trade that you have to, and I do mean have to, assume everyone is a con artist.

Including me.

As I have said before you don't know me, I may be sim trading from prison. I mean I randomly moo at people for crying out loud.

Even if you found Honest Abe the Day Trader and he gave you his system you would not follow it.

You, and I, would tinker with it, get mad at a series of losses, deviate from the plan, screw up the probabilities, and eventually throw it all away.

You can take bits and pieces from many sources but ultimately you have to figure it out yourself.

It's your money and you can only trade it with your system.

However if you hang around some traders long enough you may, just maybe, pick something up that may help you.

Or not.

Trin Café said...

Solfest, your in prison! : 0

I agree with all your mooing; methods are meant to be personalized.

At the end of the day, decisions to buy,sell or hold is going to be a personal.

Hmmm, unless I am using the buying low and selling high for my 401K method, that seems to be automatic.

Solfest said...


Anonymous said...

If I could work out what MST was then I would pop in for a mutual-moo. But at the end of a long day it is just beyond me. The Brits invented the best time-zone, the mother of all time-zones, and the least you could do is use it :-)

L&W 23:00 GMT

Solfest said...

Hmmmm an FX trader confused by numbers.

How about 9:00 am - 2:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Does that help.

Solfest said...

Having a few "technical" difficulties with the room.

So it is suspended for the time being.

Time is eternal, remember.

Glems111 said...

When you going to strat Chat room back up?


Solfest said...

Still having a few "technical" difficulties with the room.