A Window Opened

Well there it is, or actually there it was. Our first day of "chat" is in the bank and I have to say I actually enjoyed it.

We all came out of our isolation chambers and gathered together without any fist fights or declarations of war.

I believe the grand total of guests for the day was 6 and that was 5 more than I expected.

We had a trading manure spreader, a big secret agent from a foreign land that cannot be identified for fear of death, a flying monkey from California, a handsome Irish painter from Portugal, a Fibonacci trader who only plays golf, and a guru who cannot speak.

In other words just another day in the pit.

Oh and since there were witnesses I had a trade that made 5 ticks and I may have altered my system exit and become rather agitated when price turned back my way and ran after my suspect exit.

Yes a lovely display of calm, cool, and collected trading on my behalf.

Turns out it would have hit my be if I hadn't adjusted the exit anyway.

Still I tinkered and yes, Solfest hangs his head in shame.

On a brighter note I do feel I have done my small part to promote world peace via trading rooms.

Your Welcome.

As I scroll down the blog I don't see any charts so I guess I better add one.

We talked a little about trading psychology in the room today. Since some idiot named Solfest displayed the shortcomings of his human trading mind so brilliantly I thought I'd better display the evidence.

One entry that we could all agree on.


Yes the Solfest, the system, and the ego.

However the three of us in one (no not the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) all had different ideas on the exit.


Liam Brennan said...

I'll definitely stop by the chat room next week if you'll have me!

Finally sorted myself a new theme. Until I get bored with that one too of course.

Solfest said...

The window is open.

Anonymous said...

World peace?...or are you trying to recruit new serfs for your kingdom?

Am I the only one that noticed the glazed, far out, "coked out" look in the eyes of those Coke ad actors......

Pictures of wide open spaces, horses and pretty women to lure them in......ahh! I see the plot!

Solfest said...

If I bring out the kool aid start running.

Solfest said...

Didn't I used to have a MUT counter?

I'm cured, I don't have to go to meetings anymore.



Solfest said...

Having a few "technical" difficulties with the room.

So it is suspended for the time being.

Time is eternal, remember.