"Flip the classroom".

Ya think!

Go home and watch these videos, come back to school to try the work, if you have any problems ask your teacher for help.

Why that's crazy!

Our current system is fall asleep in class while teacher drones on about some stupid math concept, get assigned homework, go home and ignore it until 10:00, then ask Dad for help, Dad asks why are you doing this, kid says I dunno, Dad storms off, ask Mom for help, Mom freaks out as to why this has been left until 10:00 PM, Mom (being actually kind and loving) tries to remember math from 20 years ago, Mom fails in Kid's eyes cause she is sure Mom is doing it wrong.

Everyone goes to bed angry.


Kahn Academy


DT233 said...

m (choke) o (cough) o (wow)

Solfest said...

Another fine young man driven mad by candlesticks.

Solfest said...

Any tips for the colour scheme, from people who don't think grass is red, would be appreciated.

Liam Brennan said...

How strange, must've been a boring market, i too spent the day looking at new themes. I only changed mine in January and i'm tired of it already...

White font for the title on that background is difficult to read.

Solfest said...

Ya it was boring, took a full kick in the am and that was it for the day.

Tried black on the title, didn't look any better to me.

Solfest said...

My daughter with the non colour blind eyes did some adjusting to the background colour.


DT233 said...

Did you see that trout swim past? Who saw it? Did I really see that?

Solfest said...

First there is the candlestick madness, then the drink.

tsk tsk

Trin Café said...

I change my color scheme and layout every other month. For the record, I admired the previous layout and color scheme. What you have now is a few steps back from what you had IMHO.

The graphic guru! :)

Solfest said...

I hear ya.

Anonymous said...

Hi Solfest! The new background is.. not so good :/ I can't focus on the blog's substance.

Solfest said...

Note to Solfest.

If you ever get the bright idea of changing the blog template again just bang your head on the wall for 2 hours and you will accomplish the same thing.

Solfest said...

That's it.

This is the blog.

Take it or leave it.

DT233 said...

The update has made a significant improvement over the original change.

With that being said, in the future, please submit all potential changes to your loyal readers before making said changes. We will decide if the said changes can be/should be made.

Thank you.

The Solfestland Loyal Readers Union

Solfest said...



I'll ask the government for approval next time as well.


Trin Café said...

The color scheme and previous banner design is a... noticeable difference in artistic expression/understanding. As if the previous layout was designed by some one else.

Am I right or am I right Solfest, be honest? lol

Power to the people!

Solfest said...

Dang it Trin.

His head is big enough as it is.

I must confess, the EIT picked the colours.

I still think the side bar text is yellow.

He says it's green.


I like to think of the EIT as a seeing eye dog for the colour blind.


There at least I got a shot in.

Solfest said...

I should mention the EIT is the artist from Tigers Den, the art gallery on my side bar.

I guess he has some artistic talent.

It's too early for me to think of something sarcastic to say about that.

Trin Café said...

I KNEW IT! (Bold letter indicates shouting in loud enthusiastic tone)

Solfest, just so you know, your content is still entertaining to read despite your color scheme. LOL

Solfest said...

Solfest did not credit the EIT for colour scheme.

Solfest hangs his head in shame.